From waves to afros to braids and other protective styles, expression through hairstyles have been a long-standing tradition throughout black culture. In a matter of two years, Darrel Spencer has begun to make his mark in the $100 Billion hair and beauty industry with Kings Crowning. Growing up in Chicago, Spencer was able to get a glimpse into both urban and suburban lifestyles. With the support and guidance of his father he was able to remain focused and learn that through perseverance and hard work he could find success in whatever route he decided to go. His decision landed him in New London, CT, where obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Connecticut College. For a while he worked with large tech companies doing digital advertising but as time went on, he saw more for himself. Spencer decided to invest all of his talents into his own brand chose to use his talents with his own brand Kings Crowning. 

Since its founding the company has dedicated itself to providing its consumers, specifically black men with a range of products that span all hair types. Spencer saw the lack of beauty/hair care lines that understood the quality of black hair and beauty, so he birthed the first ever line of satin brimless hats for the culture. The magic in these hats is that they keep hair moisturized but also causes less friction to prevent tangling and breakage while still remaining fashionable, and just like that, another black saves the day!



Darrell Spencer, a Chicago based entrepreneur, with a Bachelors of Science in Economics from Connecticut College. His mission is to improve the narrative of black male business owners nation wide by building successful businesses and teaching those to come the necessary skills to obtain the life they desire. 
“Many things can be stopped, one thing that can’t is a educated black man with a strong support system… I intend to provide both” - Darrell Spencer