Royal Blue Durag

Royal Blue Durag

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Our all new Kings rags are the ideal wave maker! Silky satin material, Wide straps, and stretchy for the ideal fit and compression!

Why choose us? CUt Your Morning ROutine In half

Reason one: The Unique Adjustable band!

The crowns most unique feature is the adjustable band that can be found in the back of the Cap. You can take the band out of its slip in the back, and you can make the crown as loose and as tight as you'd like to find the perfect fit for any sized head!

Reason two: Our Premium Material

Our outer layer of the crown is made of our specialty premium bamboo! Additionally, the crown's satin lining is premium quality that prevents hair damaging friction, keeps your hair moisturized, and it reduces the DREADED "bed head" look.

Its the Crown for us

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Zaylan George
Its good but not the best

I bought this a month ago and its already becoming stretched out and coming undone. I've only used it a few times, and its already deteriorating.

Sheldon Blanks
Blue Durag

Comfortable fit. Love it

Christian OQuinn Jr

Great at night for keeping the moisturizer in my hair